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Lookin' for Heroes is happy to announce our new Magic: The Gathering promotion....Magic Money! For every $50 you spend on sealed Magic product you will get a $5 Magic Money voucher. This is redeemable towards any in stock Magic single card that is either in our Magic showcase or any of the dozens of binders that are in the store. We have one of the most extensive singles inventory anywhere and now is your chance to improve your deck for free everytime you pick up new Magic product. If you have any questions about this promotion don't hesitate to ask here, on facebook or the next time you are in the store.

Comic Book Picks This Week!
February 3, 2016

Check out all of this week's releases here!

2016 Topps Series I Baseball
February 5, 2016

Jose Bautista's famous bat toss card is now available to find in packs of 2016 Topps Baseball Series 1. Available in 10 card hobby packs and 50 card jumbo packs.

2016 Baseball 65th Anniversary Buyback Program
February 4, 2016

Pokemon: Breakpoint
February 4, 2016

Pokemon Breakpoint Boosters, Theme Decks, and Trainer Boxes now available. New Break evolutions give new powerful abilities to some of your favorite Pokemon.

2015-16 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey
February 4, 2016

Upperdeck Game Used Hockey...now in stock! 

Magic the Gathering: Oath of the Gatewatch
January 22, 2016

The battle to save the plane of Zendikar rages on.

Confronted with overwhelming odds, the Planeswalkers face a dire choice: Retreat away to safety and leave the world to oblivion, or stay at great personal risk and fight for Zendikar.

Will you stay and fight?

Oath of the Gatewatch is the second set of Battle for Zendikar and features 184 new cards.

2015-16 Trilogy Hockey
January 13, 2016

1 Rookie Autograph
1 Premium Autograph (Signature Pucks, Ice Scripts, Tryptich or Rare Rookie Autos)
1 Memorabilia Card
1 Additional Autograph or Memorabilia Card
4 Numbered Cards
32 Total Cards

2015-16 Black Diamond Hockey
December 16, 2015

Collect the first HIGH-END product of the season! Diamond Relic RC's numbered to 99 containg up to 4 REAL DIAMONDS! Get BONUS exquisite cards! Uncover an extensive selection of premium autographs and memorabilia cards from hockey's biggest stars and the new HOT 2015-16 rookie classs!

Magic The Gathering 2015 Commander Decks
November 13, 2015

Magic Commander Decks 2015!

2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey
November 5, 2015

Each Box contains One Memorabilia Card, Six Young Guns Rookies, and Four UD Canvas Cards!

Look for Connor McDavid Young Guns Rookie Cards!

Uncover A Piece of History 300 Win Club Jersey and Patch cards along with 1,000-Point Club Jersey cards! Also look for UD Patch parallels, always a hit with #ing to just 15!

Assemble the challenging UD Canvas Set! Highlighted by UD Canvas Young Guns, hitting 1 in 48 packs!

Collect beautiful Clear Cut Acetate inserts! Highlighting Superstars, Foundations & Leaders with an update to the popular Clear Cut Honoured Members!

UD Portraits returns with a full run of active and retired stars along with rookies! Four Per Box! Look for rare limited #'d Gold and Platinum Blue

Hobby Exclusive Shining Stars inserts! Falling Three Per Hobby box! Collect Centers, Left & Right Wingers and Legends! Find rarer Royal Blue parallels too!

2015-16 UD Series 1 Hockey Cards Breakdown:

Rookie Cards!
> Young Guns - inserted 1:4

UD Canvas cards
> Regular cards - inserted 1:6
> Young Guns - inserted 1:48

Jersey Cards
> UD Game Jerseys - inserted 1:24

Memorabilia & Autograph Cards!
> UD Game Jerseys - inserted 1:24
> A Piece Of History, 300 Win Club Jerseys - inserted 1:2,400
> A Piece Of History, 1,000 Point Club Jerseys - inserted 1:2,400
> UD Game Patch - #'d to 15
> A Piece Of History, 300 Win Club Patch - #'d to 10
> Signature Sensations - inserted 1:288
> UD Canvas Signatures - Varied #

Shining Stars!
> Shining Stars, Centers - inserted 1:16
> Shining Stars, Left & Right Wingers - inserted 1:24
> Shining Stars, Legends - inserted 1:48
> Shining Stars, Centers Royal Blue parallel - inserted 1:48
> Shining Stars, Left & Right Wingers Royal Blue parallel - inserted 1:72
> Shining Stars, Legends Royal Blue parallel - inserted 1:144

UD Portraits!
> UD Portraits - inserted 1:7.5
> UD Portraits, Legends - inserted 1:60
> UD Portraits, Rookies - inserted 1:60

Regular Cards
> 200 Regular Cards

2015-16 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey
October 16, 2015

New Configuration – 8 Packs per Box! Big Box-Level Value!

3 Autograph and/or Memorabilia Cards! 1 Rookie Redemption Card! 4 Serial-Numbered Cards! Huge Pickup: Find Rookie Redemptions of this vaunted ’15-16 Rookie Class! Including McDavid & Eichel!
Also featuring other awesome prospects, some drafted as recent as 2014! (NEW) Check out the Expanded Rookie Redemption Program! The Top 5 will now feature a full array of crash #’d Memorabilia and Autographed Memorabilia Hits! Including the prized 1-of-1 Black Foil, Patch-Tag Autographs!

(NEW) Look for the Lord Stanley’s Legacy Memorabilia and Signature cards! Featuring a Great Checklist of players who have lifted Lord Stanley’s Cup!
(NEW) Grab super-premium Honoured Member Relics, Signatures & Cut Signatures! Showcasing Hall of Fame Inductees on game-worn memorabilia, hard-signed autograph and cut signature cards! All Relic cards will showcase two pieces of memorabilia!
(NEW) Find Year One Rookie Gamers! Featuring jersey, patch, strap & tags from actual rookie-season game-worn jerseys! Pull a Hit from the Deepest Selection of Memorabilia cards Featured All Year! Including jerseys, patches, fight straps, laundry tags, sticks and stick tape!

Find rare Auto & Autograph Memorabilia parallels to the Base Set! Including Patch & Laundry Tag versions! Tundra Tandems, Tundra Trios & Tundra Sixes Rock the House too! Pull Top 12 Rookie Signatures … Plus 2014-15 Updates!

Magic The Gathering: Battle For Zendikar
September 29, 2015

Now in stock!

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk ARTFX+ Statue
September 23, 2015

Beautifully sculpted in the ARTFX 1/10 scale, THE HULK's rippling physique stands out with every muscle on display. HULK strides forward, his fist ready to smash into his opponent.
HULK comes with a special display base, designed to interlock with the base from the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON HULKBUSTER IRON MAN to create an exciting battle diorama!

Latest Statues, Toys & Other Cool Stuff!
September 23, 2015

We have a TONNE of different figures and statues in the store right now! Come by and get yourself some or start shopping for all those fall birthdays!

Rogers Hometown Hockey Coming to Kitchener!
September 23, 2015

Rogers Hometown Hockey Season Two kicks off in the City of Kitchener on October 10 and 11! Take a look at the success of their hometown team, the Kitchener Rangers. See a preview HERE!

Batman: Arkham Knight Action Figures
September 16, 2015

No Batman fan's collection will be complete without these intricately sculpted action figures based on the Batman: Arkham Knight video game from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios.
•    HARLEY QUINN - 6.5"
•    ARKHAM KNIGHT - 6.75"
•    BATMAN - 6.75"
•    SCARECROW - 6.75"
New Items for the Week of September 9th!
September 9, 2015

Great new arrivals this week. Come in and check out new tumblers (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Ninja Turtles). Also look for Saga graphic novel volume #5 and Bowman Chrome baseball cards.

Magic the Gathering: Zendikar vs Eldrazi
August 28, 2015

Drawing on the powerful mana that surges through the roiling land, Zendikar's forces have joined together to defend their plane.

The Eldrazi titans, trapped for thousands of years, have broken their bonds. Now their numberless spawn begin to overrun Zendikar.

Can Zendikar resist this onslaught? Or will the Eldrazi triumph?

Cardfight! Vanguard: Academy of Divas
August 28, 2015

Academy of Divas is the 1st G Clan Booster.
- Includes 40 cards (1 GR, 4 RRR, 7 RR, 12 R and 16 C) + 12 SP (Parallel) cards.
- Includes further support for the Bermuda Triangle clan.
- Each pack includes seven cards, two of them being R or greater (One being a guarantee "RR" style foil).
- Each carton includes 24 displays, and each display includes 12 packs.
- Introduces the keyword "Harmony", and the icon "Counter Charge".

2015 Topps Football
August 26, 2015

For our 60th release, Topps Football honors the legendary players and iconic designs that have long thrilled generations of fans with special inserts, autographs, relics and buyback cards. Modern-day gridiron heroes, game-changing rookies and fantasy stars are all here in exciting new designs and high-action photography. Topps' flagship brand is the longest running and most anticipated football release for fans of all ages. Look for randomly inserted Autograph Cards, Relic Cards and Commemorative Relics.

Magic the Gathering: Strategy Board Game
August 7, 2015

The first-ever Magic board game, features epic spellcasting and tactical movement-based combat.

As a Planeswalker, you summon armies and cast game-changing spells to outmaneuver your foes. As you complete arena objectives to establish board control, you position yourself to launch your final strike.

Be the last Planeswalker standing!

For 2-5 Players

2015-16 Upper Deck MVP Hockey
August 5, 2015

MVP leads off the product calendar!
- 250-card base set (with 100 high-series SP's- including 25 RC's)!
- "Colours & Contours" rainbow foil die-cut base set parallel features 9 tiers of scarcity (including three different perimeter die-cuts)!
- All-new "NHL Territories" Light F/X cards - w/auto + Jersey variations!
- Chance to land 2015 No. 1 draft pick’s 1st licensed card - hot, hot redemption!!! (hint: rhymes with McDavid)

Store Interview with The Basement Convention
July 29, 2015

Check out this great interview with The Basement Convention!

Huge Collection in This Week
July 29, 2015

Huge collection in just in this week. If you haven't dropped in recently to fill those holes in your collection...now is the time!

DC Comics Cover Girls: Wonder Woman
July 22, 2015

The wonderful line of DC Comics Cover Girls as portrayed by renowned cover artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau continues with this beautifully sculpted statue of Wonder Woman.
Limited Edition of 5,200. Measures Approximately 10" Tall

Magic the Gathering: Origins
July 17, 2015

Magic Origins explores the beginnings of five of Magic's most illustrious Planeswalkers: Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Chandra Nalaar, and Nissa Revane. Throughout the set, you'll find cards depicting life on their home planes, the events that led to the ignition of their Planeswalker sparks, and their first travels as Planeswalkers. These five Planeswalkers form the centerpiece of Magic Origins, and each one appears as a double-faced card.



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