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Subscripton Policy

  • No charge for subscription service
  • Any size sub list is acceptable whether it is one title or a large comprehensive list.
  • Due to the volume of subscribers we are not able to inform you when new books are in. Most titles are released on a monthly basis.
  • All subscribers must provide us with an email address and/or current phone number.
  • We expect all subscribers to pick their books up at least once a month.
  • We all get busy and lose track of time but, once your bin contains 2 or more months worth of releases the bin is put on hold. We will then send you a courtesy email as a reminder. If 10 days after that we have not seen you or you have not contacted us we will re-shelve your books and stop your subscription.
  • You are expected to clear out your subscription each visit. If you are leaving books please be sure to take the oldest books in your bin first. Books that are older than 2 months will be put back out on the shelf.
  • Please try to keep on top of your subscription. If you are no longer reading a book let us know as soon as possible so we can remove it from your list. Please under no circumstances put the book back on the shelf, instead give books you do not want to a staff member so that they may be put back into our inventory.
  • If a situation arises that you are unable to pick up your books within the 2 month window let us know so that alternate arrangements can be made so that your books are there for you.

Thank You,

The Staff at Lookin’ for Heroes